A Collaborative Dance Season commenting on the complexities of being “coloured” performed in the heart of the so-called coloured community in Cape Town. (Dec 2014)

The project was set up with the Eoan Group Theatre Company based in the community of Athlone to expose local audiences to new work, open discussions and debate surrounding issues that affect the community,  develop & share choreographic knowledge and to interrogate and broaden creative processes with young dancers and creators.

The project focussed on exposing and developing a young audience from disadvantaged communities to contemporary dance. As such, free transport and admission to performances were arranged for interested schools in the surrounding areas. Free workshops were also offered and discussions between performers and audience members took place after each performance.


La fabrique de caméléons

work in progress

«  En Afrique du sud, les métis souffrent d’être perçus comme n’étant ni Noirs, ni Blancs, bien qu’ils soient les deux  » J.M Coetzee, écrivain sud-africain, Prix Nobel de Littérature.

Video documentary 

by Pascale Béroujon

Desiré Davids is participating in the writing of a video documentary directed by Pascale Béroujon